Frank Proctor OWB Holster by Ready Tactical

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Frank Proctor OWB Holster by Ready Tactical 

I’m proud to offer a new line of holsters that are the product of years of modifying holsters to meet performance and operational requirements with comfort and maximum function. 

FP Righthand OWB Holster: Lots of cool features on this one. The most noticeable is how the holster rides on the hip. I designed the holster mount to put the top of the gun even with the top of the belt and allow enough room for your firing hand to better access the pistol from the holster. This feature makes it very easy to get a great grip on the gun at the holster. I think it is just the right amount of drop and offset for any purpose. I use this for Competition (USPSA Production and Limited legal) and CQB. Other features include a slightly flared top that makes re-holstering easier and a key feature for comfort during the draw. The holster is exactly the size of the trigger guard so the holster doesn’t rub your finger during the draw. The holster is friction adjustable for retention.

Includes Holster and Proctor Holster Mount. Holster bolt pattern is also compatible with Blade Tech and G-Code Holster mounts.

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4.00 (in)
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